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My name is Philip L Scott. I have been designing and building sites for 4 years, I started freelancing while I attended a school for web design and visual arts. Currently I specialize in backend development in PHP and AJAX; however front end design is always available.
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At the bottom you will find a listing and description of the technologies that I use. I also explain the use, implelementation, design, and processes of each step in the development of my product in a extensive site concept builder.

-Phil Scott


PHP is a powerful server-side programming language that can add an exponetial amount of functionality to any site. Some Examples of PHP's power:

  • In site search engine.
  • Connect your web site to a database(only sql databases are supported at this time).
  • Get web site leads emailed directly to your inbox seconds after the client has filled out the form.
  • have web site leads inserted into a database to be sorted later.